Are You Prepared For That Day?

Imagine being asked right now to partake in something that you have dreamt of all your life. Think of that one thing and be truly, truly honesty with yourself by answering this question. Do you think you are prepared enough to accept and handle it like pro?

If your answer is Yes, hats off to you and you can stop reading now. I would not want to keep you from your greatness. To those like me whose answer is NO, let’s talk.

The will to succeed
is important, but what’s
more important is
the will to prepare.” – Bobby Knight

Preparation according to Merriam Webster dictionary is the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty. In simple terms anything and everything we do as human beings require preparation. We prepare to eat, sleep, bath, cook, work, study, travel, give birth, start a business, start a family etc. The premise of everything we do is preparation. We can safely say, every single day is Prep day!

The second most important question would then be, What are you prepararing for? It may sound like a simple question but not many of us will be able to answer it. Knowing what you are preparing for matters. This is when knowing your Purpose comes in handy. It becomes your map your blueprint that will guide you so that you can be well prepared for that day.

If being prepared for the day was a person, Joseph from the Bible takes the award. This young man was gifted in the interpretation of dreams. I am sure it may have confused him when he was young but as he grew up he began to understand what this gift was. He stewarded it with finess by always asking the Lord to equip him with what he needed. Such that on the day, he was summoned by the King, there was no time for rehearsal, inquiring or “give me a moment.” It was go, go, go! The bible says:

Genesis 41:14
Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon. But Joseph [first] shaved himself, changed his clothes, and made himself presentable; then he came into Pharaoh’s presence.

I bet it all happened so fast from prison to palace. From waking up as a prison to sleeping as a Prime Minister. A literal picture of Opportunity meeting Preparation! What if he had not been prepared? What if he had given up preparing because his situation seemed bleak. What If?

Which brings me to my last question, Are you hopeful for what you are preparing for? Hope is the fuel for preparation. Every single day you are telling yourself, I am hopeful that I am going to be a Doctor, that is why I am preparing now by studying so hard. You can’t prepare for something you are not hopeful for. Have so much Hope as you prepare.

  • As a believer I am preparing for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,
  • As a student I am preparing for graduation,
  • As a single lady I am preparing for marriage,
  • As a gifted writer I am preparing for the book deals!

I am hopeful that I will be ready when those days come.

Hit me up in the comment box if this post blessed and encouraged you💖.

Let’s Be Real: Its Best If Your Wishes Don’t Come True!

“You don’t need wishes to be happy cause you already have everything you need to be happy!”

Call me a wish killer if you want, because that is exactly what I am gunning for in this post😜.

So, I watched this movie titled, “A Wish Come True” about a lady who on the eve of her 30th birthday wishes that all her past birthday wishes come true. Amongst those wishes included, a prince charming, a promotion, a big house, a big SUV. Typical wishlist right.

Guess what! They all came true the following day but oh boy she wasn’t ready. It was a big mess. Thank God it was a movie cause in the end everything was resolved but in real life it never ends as a happily ever after.

Here comes the life lessons. FYI, I am that weirdo who always looks for good life lessons from anything I watch🤓!

  • You can’t handle your wishes in real life. No matter how ready you think you are going to be, you are never ready. This lady got her dream house but when the bills came the first month, she could not pay for them.
  • Your wishes happen only to you and they do not change the other people or the environment you are in. This lady thought everyone would adjust to her wishes but that was not the case. Nothing was falling into the right place.
  • Your wishes may not always turn out to be good. This lady got the promotion but never anticipated the load of work and the many responsibilities that came with job, which she could not handle.
  • Your wishes blinds you from what you really need which in most cases is right in front of you. This lady was so focused on a wishing for a prince charming that she didn’t realize her male best friend who had been there for her all along was her perfect prince charming.
  • Your wishes in most cases are premature. And you know what they say about getting something too early or too soon, its likely to turn into a curse you aren’t prepared for!

So, do you still want to make a wish? 🙃

“If It Had Not Been For The Lord…”

Everyday I am grateful, I try to make it a point to be thankful for everything. However, Sundays, always strike a different chord for me.

Every Sunday, I find myself reflecting on the previous week:
 How the Lord got me through each day bad or good,
 How I lived to see each day all because of His mercies,
 How He protected my family and I from so many things,
 How He answered my prayers whether it was a Yes, No, and Not Yet,
 How He still forgave me despite my shortcomings,
 How He was there for me when no one else would,
The list is endless, I cannot take credit for anything, it has all been the Lord God Almighty!

Psalm 124
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, now may Israel say;
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men rose up against us:
Then they had swallowed us up quick, when their wrath was kindled against us:
Then the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had gone over our soul:
Then the proud waters had gone over our soul.
Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Keep Believing! Keep Praying!

🎵If it’s a million to one
I’m gonna be that one and
If it’s a shot in the dark
I’m gonna be the sun
And I just can’t afford to be wrong
Even when I’m afraid🎵

What do you do when your dreams seem so far-way? What do you do when everything seems to go against you? What do you do when you feel like you are running out of time? Have you ever looked in the mirror and plainly told yourself that, “your dreams are too far-fetched, just wishful thinking, just crazy imaginations. You kidding yourself, it will never happen.

I know I have felt like this so many times than I could ever count. Matter of fact that is how I feel right now. Just so many things not coming together or at least making sense. Feeling like I can not pray anymore, hopeless, helpless and overwhelmed.

But deep down, something tells me not to give up. I still owe it to myself to at least try, put in the work, do what I can. It’s not easy, its never easy especially for something great and special. Because the reasons to quit always seem to be more than the reason to continue.

I was literally mind blown, when I read that it took Thomas Edison, 10000 fails before he successfully invented the light bulb. Ten Thousand times is no joke, knowing myself I am sure at the 10th try I would have called it quits, packed my stuff and headed back into my hole. However it is stories like these that gives me the hope, to keep believing that if a fellow human being like me was able to pick himself up after so many delays, disappointments and fails, I too can.

Lastly but not least, I cannot afford to stop praying, all my answers lie in Prayer. It is not just an ordinary gut feeling I have but the simple TRUTH. Luke 18:1(MSG) reads: Jesus told them a story showing that it was necessary for them to pray consistently and never quit. The story He told was so profound and is still relevant! A hopeless situation does not stay long in the presence of a perseverance mindset!

🎵Every prayer today is a seed for tomorrow
Keep praying, keep praying
Oh, hold on to the faith and the blessing will follow
Keep praying🎵

Hoping I have encouraged you to some extent, I know I needed this encouragement more.😅 Happy New Week🌠

🎵Million To One- Camila Cabello
🎵Keep Praying- Maverick City Music

TV Show Review: Clickbait

Diversity✅ Interesting Storyline✅ Suspense✅ Thriller✅

Clickbait is a #muchwatch limited Netflix series!

OMG! The Plot Twist! 🙌🏿. Normally I am that girl who can predict the ending, either at the beginning of a series or halfway through. But this time around they got me, my predictions were so off just like they were when I watched Behind Her Eyes. I Never Expected It🤯!

This storyline is something that could actually happened in real life!

  • Psychopaths are real!
  • Be careful of who you share your personal information with!
  • Also, friendly reminder the internet is still not your friend!

Nikki’s Ratings: 5/5

“You Need A Healthy Dose Of I Don`t Care”

It`s not a rant, I promise. I actually did not know that there was something like a healthy dose of I don`t care but the moment I heard about it, I knew I needed such a perspective in certain areas of my life.

According to Wiktionary; I don’t care. indicates that the speaker has no interest or emotional investment in the topic at hand. When you add healthy to it, you are simply choosing to not be bothered by situations that profit you nothing. At first it may seem like you are being rude or arrogant which I am not advocating for but a healthy dose of I don`t care will help you to:

  1. Mind your own business, you do not need to know everything or have a say about everything,
  2. Preserve and protect your mental well being,
  3. Shut out destructive criticism, sometimes people`s opinions may be very toxic to your progress,
  4. Block out unnecessary issues, time wasters.

I think the reasons are non exhaustive depending on each individual.

So what do you think, is a healthy dose of I don’t care necessary or one is just being too dramatic? 🤷🏿‍♀️

Movie Review: The Suicide Squad (2021)

Motion Picture at its very best!

Great Craftsmanship!

Have you ever watched a movie that is so wholesome in terms of the storyline, layout, cast, and even the costumes? Whether you are a very observant person like me or not, this movie will not allow you to miss even the tiniest details that makes this movie.

Tell me how can a movie be so violent and yet very funny or be so serious and yet stupid in a good way. It is action, fantasy, adventure, crime and comedy packed!

It is not a sequel to Suicide Squad (2016) which is something I assumed at first but it is a stand-alone movie. Though the main storylines for both movies are the same that is, sending a group of unredeemable criminals to save the world from an alien invasion.

However, James Gunn revamped some parts of the story, added new characters which makes it very different. This time around, The Suicide Squad rebels against the government after realizing the mission was not to save the world but to cover up the government’s dirty secrets.
It is also so star-studded and I am glad no actor or actress was underutilized. As usual Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn didn’t disappoint!!!

Nikki’s Ratings: 4.9/5
I am watching it again this weekend🙃

Becoming A Testament of Endurance

Whenever I hear life story that has had to endure some hurdles and obstacles, it always strikes a different chord for me.

You have no idea how many times I have read and studied the story of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis chapters 37 to 50); it never gets old. I keep asking myself, how was he able to take so much, go through so much pain and still make it to the top. And it is such stories that keep me motivated that no matter what I go through I will overcome.

Your endurance in your life story will be someone else’s saving grace. The scars will be a testament to someone that wounds do heal and that pain is not permanent. Your ability to withstand hardship and adversity will give someone hope.

Two weeks back, my mum said to me; “Rudo you are becoming a testament of endurance, do not give up, what you are going through is necessary and pivotal to your life story and it will be so much beneficial to someone else.” I literally restrained myself from laughing because it did not make sense to me as to why I should endure, whilst others were having the easy way out of everything. Nevertheless I silenced the defensive voice in my head, took hid of her words, kept reciting them in my head and will continue till I overcome!

I may not know what hurdles or challenges you are going through but I am certain that no matter how painful they are, they are simply beautifying your story more.

You are “Becoming A Testament of Endurance!”

Movie Review: Jungle Cruise


Anything with Dwayne “the rock” Johnson I will watch. #periodt.😅 But don’t you worry, I will not be biased in my ratings.

Jungle Cruise was actually fun to watch! However, not being well versed with the so-called American Indiana Jones or the very popular Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland Park. My African-Self, failed to connect well with the movie. In my opinion, it felt like a movie meant for the Americans only, an inhouse thing! Just to make sure I was not being too critical, I even asked some friends who watched it. Surprisingly they had the same reaction as me.

With that being said Jungle Cruise is very much watchable, if you are looking for some weekend entertainment at home.

 Nikkis Rating: (3.1/5)