”Do Not Be Weary In Well-Doing”

Living an upright life or taking the high road all the time is the toughest decision every one of us has to make in our day-to-day lives. Doing the right thing has never been easy people especially when it`s not popular with the majority. And the icing on the cake is, when nothing good is comes out  of well-doing.

It is the nature of  us human beings to expect good fortune to come our way when we do the right thing. It is also true that a good turn deserves another. But what if what we are expecting does not happen and all our lives we have been striving to live upright but everyday its blow after blow. The sun does not shine for long as the stormy nights are too much! How do you deal with or handle this life? Of course you  grow weary, get frustrated and you just want to give up. And sometimes you even give up, you fall down, you back-slide, you throw in the towel, you quit, you do all sort of things because you are so done with the disappointments.

I have made it a point in my life that I will strive to do the right thing no matter what. I am sure you too are doing the same. And in my life`s journey most of the right things I have done or that I do have not yielded any harvest as per expectation that I can present to you as evidence of my well-doing. And I am constantly asking myself is this worth it, why am I wasting my time doing what is right, yet nothing good is coming out of it. And in most cases, the enemy starts placing around you people who are doing the exact opposite. Showing you how not only are they  are prospering out of it but how they are not getting into trouble because of it.  

Just this year  maybe you hoped  you would be on another level  than you were last  year. But its the end of November and you got zilch achievements! And you are looking at that person who once asked you to get into an illegal business deal with them but because you chose integrity over the lust of the eyes. You are here with nothing and this individual has become an overnight success,living the best life! Or, maybe you refused to sleep with that  young man you so loved because you were keeping yourself for marriage and you did not want to fall prey of the lust of the flesh.  So, the young man breaks up with you because you said no and you find out that your girls who said yes to sleeping with their boyfriends before marriage are getting married next month! Or, all your friends are boasting about their drivers licences that they got through bribing the officials, and you not wanting to succumb to the pride of life. You remain licence-less because you wont bow down to their corrupt ways. The list is endless….

”Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in.” – Galatians 6:9

But I am here to encourage us to be so Strong-Willed, that we never grow weary! The scripture above is the best early Christmas gift I can give you! Cause I know victory is certain when we put our trust in the word of GOD! He says if we faint not we are going to reap! In other words, with reference to the sermons Bishop Tudor Bismark has been teaching us at our church. Well-doing is a seed, so when you do something good you are sowing a seed. Then in Galatians 6;7 it says;Be not be deceived God is not mocked  for whatsoever a man  soweth, that shall he also reap.” So a good seed sown is a good harvest reaped. What we all need to understand and come to terms with is that there is SEED – TIME – HARVEST. And most of us are in the TIME stage, the period where the seed is growing and it seems like nothing is happening. Pastor Michael Todd calls it Planted But Not Buried phase! Be patient with your seed, in other words do not grow weary. It is at this stage that you need continue nurturing that planted seed with more nutrients of doing good and being the best at it.  And one thing  I am so confident about is that your HARVEST is not going to be ordinary. It’s going to be HUUGGE! (using Donald Trump’s voice!😂). Trust me you are not going to be able to fathom it at all!!

I pray and hope you have been encouraged! If you have a testimony to share with me and the rest of the world please feel free to do so in the comment box.



To Judge or To Rebuke?

“There is not anyone who is good. Not one, all of us have strayed away. This does not mean we are all murders. It means our hearts are stained with the sin of Adam, which is the desire to be the god of our life and run it ourselves. No one has a pure heart” _Anonymous

In this week’s post I am  addressing the VILLAIN we sometimes are with our actions, words and thoughts towards other people.

“To Judge means to form an opinion or conclusion about someone because of their behavior or actions. To Rebuke means to express  a sharp disapproval or criticism of someone because of their behavior or action.” _ Merriam Webster Dictionary

As long as I could remember i discovered that i make it so much easier for people to  confide in me and share some of their most sensitive stories or issues. {PS: Please do not hunt me down and try to squeeze these secrets outta of me😂]. Up to now I still do not know  why this happens, maybe i am just a good active listener. Well that`s besides my point. It is in these instances that I find myself  formulating wrong opinions about them in my mind and in most cases i do not even have any good advice to give them. So here i am knowing almost the whole truth about Person A`s story but the little egotistical god in me still goes on to judge or rebuke. Worst case scenario is when you don`t even know their story but you still have the audacity to criticize.

“Criticism is so easy,  it requires no effort just a dash of misread facts littered with contempt and ignorance.” _Anonymous 

Bear in mind our walks of life are so different and unique from one to another, what is wrong to you may not be wrong to the other person. This is mostly because of our different upbringing, environments, values principles etc. So we act according to that and we see nothing wrong . Later on in life we also make choices of what we feel is right or not from our past experiences or other peoples experience. So when we judge others because what they doing is not right in our sight then we have taken the place of God who clearly says in Matthew 7:1-3 (AMP)

Do not judge and criticize and condemn [others unfairly with an attitude of self-righteous superiority as though assuming the office of a judge], so that you will not be judged [unfairly].For just as you[hypocritically] judge others [when you are sinful and unrepentant], so will you be judged; and in accordance with your standard of measure[used to pass out judgment], judgment will be measured to you.Why do you look at the [insignificant] speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice and acknowledge the [egregious] log that is in your own eye? 

I am not vying for reckless living. There is still the good from the bad, right from wrong. But let’s do it in it love. Paul says in  1 Corinthians 16:14 (AMP) “Let everything you do be done in love [motivated and inspired by God’s love for us].”  It pains me so much when I hear people  saying that i will never got to church cause the people there are just too judgy. Somewhere somehow we are doing it wrong. Like I always say if you don’t have something good to say keep quiet. Tame your tongue, silence your wrong criticism thoughts and actions!

There is so much to be said about this topic and this is only my 2Cents thinking aloud!

Feel free to share with me your views on this!


Walk Out or Walk Towards: Either Way, Keep Walking!‍‍‍‍🚶‍♀🚶‍♂

I almost didn’t post anything this week. Cause I actually didn’t have anything to post. I kept asking the Holy Spirit for help but dang couldn’t hear anything. So I was like nope, no post today. I am not going to write anything in my carnal mind and lie or lead people astray. But guess what he decides to speak today, the day I post my articles, IMAGINE! Just so you know this post is being written in real-time. It’s 08:10 am and I am in a taxi on my way to work! WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 09.33.14

Yesterday I had this photo taken and I liked it so much and thought it would be nice to upload it on my Instagram – yaaas😜. Don`t judge me I am just being a millennial! So I was like I will post it tomorrow(meaning today) and was thinking of  some crazy caption to go with it LoL! So this morning when I woke up, I opened my phone and looked at the photo again, when I tell you I love this pic I am not joking. Lol! Now 20 mins ago an idea came to mind with regards to the photo. Omg, I was like Holy Spirit you decide to show up now, it’s too late, I will just make it a caption for my picture! BUT, He would not  let me,  so my  thoughts went haywire and words kept flooding my mind. I pulled out my phone opened my notes app and began to write. #thehum.

At first glance of that photo,we can conclude that, its simply a picture of me taken whilst i was literally walking.  But metaphorically, there comes another meaning, I am walking out of something, walking towards something or maybe I am doing both. Life is a journey and we have all heard and know that to be true. Since we are all on a journey we are definitely walking. But along the journey we sometimes take the wrong routes, or hit detours so we get lost/ get stuck and eventually become motionless (stagnated) henceforth hindering our journey`s progress. Delays are inevitable in such cases cause we have stopped walking.

There are many reasons we can give to justify our motionlessness but should we end there, should we sit and waste away because we are stuck. I tell you it is way to easy to just be in one place (it’s called the comfort zone)! You decided to stop walking towards that goal because you don`t have the financial resources or you decided not to walk out of that abusive relationship because you are afraid of being single. We can sit here all day and talk of these fear-induced excuses but they will take us know-where.

So I am here to encourage both you and I  to keep walking. Whichever season  you are in your journey, even in a season of waiting, you are moving, you are walking. Walking literally or metaphorically WALK. I looked at the picture and I told myself I got to walk out of  self-discouragement, always thinking I am not worth-it and walk towards living this life to the fullest with or without what I want. Because I am much more confident in whom I have placed my trust in and that is in the Lord My God!

Dear Reader,

What do you want to walk out of?  What are you walking towards!

Feel free to share with me your thoughts in the comment box!




Of course I am going to start by asking you to: fill up your lungs by taking in all the air you can through  your nose( Breathe In) hold it for a few seconds and now empty your lungs by taking out all the air (Breathe Out). 

Breathing happens automatically and I believe we are kind of not conscious about it unless there is a real threat to the respiratory system. Otherwise we are simply inhaling and exhaling air every second without an effort. But every time you do it consciously and intentionally like what I just asked you to do. When you can feel your lungs filling up with air and then letting that air all out, it should mean something to you. I am not talking about breathing exercises we do in-order better our health (body) OR, when we want to get rid of stress, anxiety, bad nerves and all those negatives vibes. I am referring to that one deep breath that is not triggered by the variables above. But its a breath that brings to sync the body, mind and spirit. For most of us we have abandoned to BREATHE!

How this thought came to mind is a result of  several incidents which provoked a need deep within to open up and learn. The idea kept my mind busy, that I read and listened to stuff on finding meaning behind taking that deep breath everyday of your life. So I  took it upon myself to identify the meaning behind mine. I would occasionally take these deep breaths and would simply get stuck on the fact that I am just 100% ALIVE. However, I knew that was not enough so I dug a little bit deeper. In my quest, I came across a video of a young man who found the true meaning behind his breath as a result of a very tragic event(click on the link below to listen to his story)


In that moment, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and as I exhaled I finally discovered my BREATHE to be, Another Chance To:

  • Be Myself!
  • Remind myself  to never take anything for granted
  • Express my Love to all who are dear to me, whilst I still can!
  • Achieve and Accomplish my Purpose and goals!
  • Thank God always, cause I never thank Him enough!
  • Ha-Ha-Ha: laugh through the losses and the victories!
  • Enjoy being ALIVE, cause YOLO!

So now, every day when I consciously take a deep breath, my body, soul and mind is aware of the reason for my existence!

I hope and pray that you take that deep breath and discover the meaning that resonates with you completely!



Why You Need to Be on Time Always: Maybe My Story will Help

“Hi everyone my name is Nikki and  I am always late 🤦🏾‍ …”

Don`t you just wish there was a Latecomer Anonymous Support Group kinda like those Alcoholics Anonymous support groups. It would definitely be crucial in helping out  my people, Africans😂😂. It high time we put an end to the so-called “African Time” and you know what I mean😂😂. Of-course I am here to call myself out including you my reader. In as much as I know that I need to be on time always, I struggle with being on time most of the times😅😅. Embarrassing I know, but today you are my L.A.S.G peers so I am in a safe place😅😂. A recent incident I am about to share with you, has become my salvation from tardiness!

It was a typical work-day at the office when my boss informed me that we were scheduled for a  2pm meeting at Meikles Hotel.  My response to her was, ”we still got time we can leave  around 1″. Instead of agreeing with  me, she said “I would rather be early, get comfortable with the environment and make the rest of the people who come in after me very uncomfortable😂😂!”  By the way have you ever noticed how uncomfortable it is when  you arrive late for something and no-one has to say anything But the mere looks that people  give you make you wanna sink into the ground. Raise your hands🙌🏾 if you agree with me😂😂 ⏸! So I just laughed it off and little did I know that in a matter of hours her point would be proven right.▶ By the way the most punctual people I know in my life is My Dad, my Boss and my Bishop. These people are never late for anything,and if they are late they have a valid and valuable excuse, other than that, punctuality is an important virtue to them. And you wonder why  I am never on time🤷🏾‍. ⏸ So we left for the meeting  exactly 2 hours earlier, bear  in mind  its a 20 mins drive from our office to Meikles Hotel. In my mind I was like  what are we going to be doing for the remaining 100 minutes cause I hate waiting! Fortunately (to my advantage😂) we hit traffic jam and arrived at 130pm but still we were the first people to arrive. The proverb “early bird catches the fattest worm,” is so true. ⏸ We were welcomed by the hosts and had a pretty good conversation with them, we sat on the best seats in the room, we were served first, food-wise😋 and we got well acquainted with the environment. At exactly 10 mins to two, the other  guests  started trickling, oh boy did we make them very uncomfortable, especially when my boss and  I`s arch-enemy in the business walked in😂😂. I know for sure if it was the other way round it would  have been a nightmare for us. When the meeting was over we were the first to leave, cause we are time conscious.😂😂 Look who is talking. To be honest it felt really good and I was like this punctuality business is kinda cool after all😂😂▶.

If my story did not convince you enough😂😂 here are the reasons why we need to be on time from a scholar`s point of view:

  1. Being punctual strengthens and  reveals your integrity
  2. Being punctual shows you are dependable
  3. Being punctual builds your self-confidence
  4. Being punctual assures you`re at your best
  5. Being punctual builds and reveals your discipline
  6. Being punctual shows your humility
  7. Being punctual shows your respect for others

(source: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/a-man-is-punctual-the-importance-of-being-on-tim)

In conclusion I really just think being punctual is a good principle that an individual chooses to be disciplined in. It has nothing to do with one`s character or personality it’s just a habit turned into a lifestyle! My Bishop says, it only takes 21 days of repetitively practicing a habit for it to become a norm part of you. I dare you to try it and BE ON TIME. [I have challenged myself too 💪🏾💃🏾,in 21 days time I won’t be tolerating latecomers😂😂].


Be You!

Imitations, Fakes, Wannabes: has become the order of the day in this 21st century. Simple honesty and transparency about one`s true-self  has suddenly become a thing of the past. Everyone is trying to be what they are not, just to fit in! It’s not even an identity crisis it’s just a stupid life choice! Oh yes I said it! We are busy wasting our precious earth time being something that we are not.

The real you is what attracts the right friends, the right opportunities,  the right environment,  the right people and even the right blessings. In the words of Pastor Michael Todd: God  does not bless who you pretend to be , he blesses who you really are. In 1 Samuel 17:34-40, when David decided to challenge Goliath. He fought him with the weapons he identified with and not with Saul`s weaponry. Come to think, he even tried out Saul`s amour, but then he was like nah, that aint me!                                                            FYI: You are not going to win some battles in life if you are not true to yourself!

When you understand and embrace who you are you will never be disappointed with life, because you are fine Being You!  Tying to be someone else is a lot of effort y’all! 😅 If like me, you ignorantly abused the statement; I want to be like this person when I grow up. Then its high time we just  stop and focus all that energy on wanting to be the best version of ourselves as we grow!

Be-yourself-everyone (1)

Will It Get Better? It Will Get Better!

The story of my life has become a bittersweet one,

I keep going through these cycles without end,

Disappointment after disappointment,

Regret after regret!

I am in what they call the prime stage of life,

They say your prime years are the best,

But what I am experiencing is exactly the opposite,

What is the missing link here?

I find myself, relying on people`s validation,

I can’t even make my own decisions.

I am insecure about everything that concerns me

And it scares me to death,

But then I wish maybe I would rather die,

But then again, death has never solved anything,

So do I keep toiling in this sad life?

What story will I tell my kids and grand-kids,

What legacy will I leave behind?

And the question that keeps haunting me day and night is,


In the middle of my melancholy.

I hear a  sweet voice,

It whispers into  MY BROKEN SOUL,


“HUH?” I ask as if I didn’t just hear what it said,

“You have no idea……” ” ssshhhh, I DO,”

The sweet voice quickly silences me,

Before I could go on another self-pity tantrum.

I know you…,

“Actually I have known you since the beginning of time.”

“No man, stop!..” I try to answer back,

But I am silenced again, as the voice goes on to say,

“You are the apple of my eye,

I have written your name in the palm of my hands,

All I have are plans to prosper you,

Do away with negative talk,

Do away with being insecure,

“My Grace is Sufficient for you,

And my Strength made perfect in your weakness,”

I care for you and only delight in your happiness,


Something in this voice is so tangible, real and genuine.

Even though it’s not giving me instant solutions,

I suddenly feel a sense of Hope and Faith,

An urge to believe for something not seen,

Something that had long since died in my soul.

The warmness of this surreal moment,

Gives me peace and I find the courage to say:


[ps: this poem is loosely based on my 2015 Personal Journal]