When They See Us Pt 3: Stand Up & Fight!

Ava DuVernay and her team, did not only work on producing When They See Us just for entertainment or  to play around with our emotions. From my point of view, they showed us the loop-holes in  the systems. Even though later on justices was served for the Central Park 5, their lives had already been ruined and no-one really cared how they were going to survive again in a world that thinks everyone who has been to prison is bad news. So in bringing to light all these issues and challenges that people are facing day to day, it is up to you and I, if we are on a privileged stage of life to help fight for those that cannot, be a voice to the voiceless. Check out your environment, see where you can help, is it the girl child, single parents, women abuse,  the disabled, the wrongful imprisoned etc. We all have been called to something that is not meant to benefit us but the next person. Let`s us respond to that call and act on it.  Ava`s  work is all about black empowerment which has contributed so much and helped out a lot of people. Including the Exonerated 5 whose life-story has touched the entire world. Let`s Stand Up & Fight!

PS: In other news, there is an organisation suing  Netflix And Ava Duvernay, for defamation of the police force`s type of interrogation in the series. I really think this is just so petty. Anyways,read all about it on this link>https://www.blackenterprise.com/ava-duvernay-and-netflix-sued/

PS #2: I am going to do another 3 part series on John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, cause I ruminate too much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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When They See Us Pt 2: The System Is Broken!


In a sit down interview recently titled, When They See Us Now, which is also on Netflix.  Oprah asked the”Central Park 5″men now known as the“Exonerated 5” if Linda Fairsten is to blame for everything that they went through. Of-course they all gave a resounding YES! However Kevin went on to say that it was not only her, but that the whole Judicial and Law Enforcement System was Broken. Just by looking at how people of color were being treated differently from the whites in any case or situation since slave trade. And instead of restructuring the system, they have just been band-aiding it up-to-date. I noticed  it to be true, cause when Antron was asked what he tells his kids now when they are stopped by a police officer. He said, “I always tell them to never get into trouble but if it happens so, i tell them to say nothing to the police until I get there.” And he is right, look at how many black people in the US have been shot dead by the cops, just because they cops assumed they were armed and dangerous. Can we even call it a system when it is so biased in that way. We should not be having #blacklivesmatter if only this had be sorted way back, but history keeps repeating itself. But what I love about it all is, even though a lot is still to be done, The Black/African-Americans community will not stop fighting, till real justice is served and there is equality for all!

As I watched the interview, I found myself thinking that despite not being in the same struggle as the Black/African-Americans. In Africa we do have own systems that need restructuring and the top on the list is the Corrupt government and leadership that is so evident in almost every African Country. A good system never runs on corruption, NEVER! Corruption has made it`s way to every household in the community. If you think I am lying let me give you one example: If you dish for yourself the big chunk of meat and give your siblings the small portions, that is corruption😂. And that is exactly what’s happening with our governments. We are all aware and we allow the system to be band-aided when we know the roots but we are just afraid to grab them(roots😂) by the balls and uproot  completely!

All I want is to enlighten us to be conscious of a broken system we have to restructure for the next generation. Tiffany Haddish once said, “white people feel superior because they know their origins, I only know that my forefather were slaves and that`s​ it. But just because I didn`t know, it does have to be the same for the next generation, I will leave a legacy and it begins with me.” When They See Us has so many lessons we could learn from and start working on to better the world we live in and protect the future!


When They See Us Pt 1: Do Not Take Life For Granted!

Each and every day something tragic or fortunate is happening to every person in the world. It will be sad of us if we are too naive to realize that life can go from a zero to a hundred or vice versa and if you lucky you will be just in the middle where its manageable. Nevertheless life is so precious and if you have stability and normalcy around you. Be Grateful. It’s tragedies like the Central Park Five clearly portrayed in the Limited Netflix Series – When They See Us that should keep us in check. I still remember watching the series and thinking if all true tragic stories would be put out there for all to see. Then maybe the world will be a better place. We would stop focusing on the minor and deal with the majors. The series which is a must watch for everyone. Tells of a story of 5 African-American teenage boys whose life & future was robbed of them on 18 April 1989. Out of 40 African-American boys that were caught by the police as suspects of rape & brutally beaten female jogger in central park, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise &Raymond Santana  were the unlucky ones.

Because of a broken and biased judicial system which I will share with you in part 2 found the odds for the boys very very low. Because they say Black is violent, black is un-mannered and all the negative adjectives, so coming out of this was inevitable. The Officer in charge insisted that her fellow cops beat or scare the life out of these boys to confess to a crime they didn’t commit. At the ages of 14-16, these boys were sent to prison. With a sentence of 6-14 years in prison. I tried to put myself in the boys & families’ shoes but I couldn’t. The trauma they had to go through is unimaginable. Korey Wise’s situation broke me to the last bit. This boy wasn’t even there on the day of the rape. He found himself at the prison because of LOVE. Korey decided to escort his friend Yusef who was a suspect to the police station just for moral support. Little did he know he was a going to the slaughter house. Just because the cops wanted justice for this lady, and nailing these boys down had to be very convincing to the jury. So Korey was the missing piece to puzzle, forced to admit on camera that all five of them had done this evil act. Korey served more years than the other 4 and was sent not to juvenile detention but to the adult prison, where is was badly treated cause the inmates knew him as a rapist. He was 100% innocent but the hell he went through, I CAN’T!

It’s in such cases where you begin to question your faith, what is even meant by “all things work for the good”  This story and many others  have been a wake up call for me this year. Life in all its preciousness can be taken away from you intentionally or not, voluntarily or not. And it would really be naive of us if we being in stable lives do not make the most out of it. You may ask, how do I not take like for granted? Its simple:


10 Types of Drivers You Didn’t Know🚖

As an experienced commuter for a very long time, I think I can safely say that this is the almost accurate list of different types of drivers you will come across in your lifetime. These drivers are commonly found in the private transport industry (uber, taxi, lyft – in Zimbabwe they are know as lifts cause they aint fancy like the actual USA Lyft😂). So sit back and know!


  1. Karaoke Driver –  They won`’t stop singing. Every song that comes on the radio, they just have to sing along and in most cases they do know the lyrics. So they improvise. At first its funny but it eventually becomes annoying. It’s easy to identify them cause their car radio volume is on the max for the whole world to hear.
  2. Swag Driver – This type thinks they are in some music video shoot. They be leaning back their seat which you definitely don’t want to sit behind, have their hand outside the window showing off that fake Rolex, wearing sunglasses even when there is no sun and all they play is hip hop music. This type of driver is popular among the male species. Lols!
  3. Instructor Driver – The name says it all. They want to teach other drivers how to drive and wont stop commenting on every driver’s mistake. Nigga just open a driving school 😂. You can easily identify them during a traffic jam, that is their major!
  4. Fake OCD  Driver – First of this bunch is a pain in the bums.It is a no brainer that your car will get dirty if you decide to carry passengers. It’s unavoidable and its not intentional. You can’t be telling me to shake the dust of my feet before getting into your 3rd hand car. No I will pass, you and your stinky armpits and fake OCD can go hang! Popular among the female species. Smartness kumba-kwenyu!😂
  5. Foodie Driver – You don’t want to be driven around by this driver. They are messy eaters. Could you just wait to get home and eat properly. Worse case scenario is when they make noise whilst chewing and talking at the same time, that just makes me mad. I just want stop them and get the heck out!
  6. Angry Driver – Very popular in Zimbabwe, lol. Life is been giving us lemons so people are mad as hell! Any silly thing will anger this driver. The environment is tense the moment you step into the car. All you need to do is remain quite and you will get home in peace!
  7. Show-off Driver – Common with people who own very fancy cars. Cause by the time you get to your final destination. You will know that their car can talk, it has a sun-roof, where it was bought, how much it cost, how much fuel it needs. Blah blah blah. To be honest with you, I do not mind this driver cause in most case they won’t charge you. They will try to cover their pride with a petty act of kindness. I will endure the show off for a free ride. #savingsminded 😂
  8. Bought Their Licence Driver – THEY CANNOT DRIVE! PERIOD! They have had their license for 20 years but the moment they get behind the wheel. All of a sudden they are confused. And all it takes is for passengers to unite and help this person out. I have always noticed that people be cursing under their breath when boarding off such lifts. BTL driver, you are cursed man, stay off the road!
  9. Balanced Driver – This type is just God-sent. I know for sure I will have a beautiful day after being driven by them. They are balanced in they sense that, they know when to talk, radio volume is moderate and just so considerate of the passengers they have carried. It’s rare to find this type… lol!
  10. Phone Addict Driver – You are  definitely signing a death sentence when you get into their car. Please tell me why all of a sudden you now want to make emergency texts and phone calls in your car when you know you have people’s lives at stake. This driver is just reckless and dangerous. Stay off your phone! This type is found in both genders especially the younger generation. When I see that its a young blood behind that wheel, no matter how late I am, no boo boo, I aint dying today!

Was this list insightful? Did I exhaust all the types? Which driver are you? Have you had any experience with one of the above? Hit me up in the comment box!

Bond Notes Got Nothing On You😜 !

If there is one non-living thing that is sucking the life out of all Zimbabweans is the freaking Bond Note. (FYI: Bond Note is Zimbabwe`s currency!) OMG, a simple piece of paper has caused a lot of damage and havoc! No-matter how much of it you earn or get, it will humble you when you try to spent or invest it. Just today when I was purchasing some food, I was shocked at the bill which was ridiculously expensive for 2 food items.  A brother behind me at the till, must have noticed my surprised face as I grudgingly made the payment. Instead of joining me in the complaining campaign. He looked at me with a bright smile on his face and he said, God is good my sister, He is blessing Africa and he is blessing Zimbabwe too,” I chuckled a bit and said Amen! And that is all it took for me to stop fussing and stressing about the bill and be encouraged that God is still a good God even in the bad times! 

So to you my fellow Zimbabwean, reading this article. I also want to spread positive vibes. I may not know what harm this bond note has caused in your life and I don`t even have the solution right now. But be encouraged in the Lord God Almighty. Don`t Stop Believing! Have Hope! Keep The Faith!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. -2 Corinthians 12:9




Dear YOU!


Just maybe the past 9 Months of 2019 have not been easy. They have been full of disappointments, hurt, pain and endless trials. And just maybe, you are asking God why you are even here cause to be honest you feel like life is just wasting away. BUT, I am here to tell you the same words you have been told so many times: DON`T GIVE UP! DON`T QUIT! Yes it sounds annoying but nothing ever comes out from quitting. It hinders you from seeing just how amazingly beautiful the result was going to be. “It’s always to soon to quit!” ― Norman Vincent Peale. The same way you will wait to know whether your favorite football team is going to win, even though their game was way off. Is the same way you should treat your life. Be so eager to know what happens in the next 3 last months of 2019. So whatever you were planning to quit on, please give it another chance, for my sake  (lol). I have so much hope for you! DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 

#beencouraged #bemotivated

Is It Safe Out There?

In as much as we do not want to live in fear,
Subconsciously we are haunted by it.
Fear of the unknown bad things the day may bring.
Because of so much evil in the world,
We all start the day not even sure whether we will see the end of it.
The enemy and his agenda to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY!
Keeps raising the stakes!
So fear grips all mankind by the throat.

In 🇺🇸, will i be a victim of another mass violent gun shooting?
In 🇿🇦, will i be a victim of sexual abuse and xenophobia?
In 🇿🇼, will i be a victim of armed robbery?
In 🇳🇬, will i be a victim of boko-haram?
In 🇫🇷, will i be a victim of a terrorist attack?
In 🇸🇾, will i be a victim of the never-ending war?


Is there still a safe place out there?
A place of peace and joy,
A place of freedom and happiness,
A place of no worries,
A place where you do not have to constantly look over your shoulder,
A place full of LOVE.

In the midst of it all,
Even though, i am still asking;
I choose to be a Prisoner of Hope.
Hope in the One who says;
Be still and know that I AM God”,
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.”
The beauty of it all is that,
His word ever so true, keeps me faithed-up.
And all I do is rest in it.
In the name Jesus Christ,
The enemy is defeated!


  • My prayers are with those who have been affected by these misfortunes and may the souls of the innocent lives lost rest in eternal peace!
  •  To those of us still living,  the Lord says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6