You Need To Heal First

Once when our dog was sick, it would hide from everyone. After a long search we would find it in very well hidden in weird places around the house. I never understood why it would hide from us when all we wanted was to show it love, feed it and give it its medication. I only learnt later on that, it knew that its sickness made it vulnerable and incase of danger it would not be safe. So hiding was its form of protection as it healed and nursed its own wounds. Similarly to us humans when we are physically sick we retreat, take a day off and want to be alone. Never have I seen anyone out and about with a throbbing headache or covid-19 or any other alignments. We understand that our bodies need to heal first before we can do anything.

HOWEVER, we have failed to apply this same principle when it comes to healing of past traumas. Just because it does not show on the outside that a person is sick should not rule them out as being unhealthy. We are living in a world with so many physically fit and healthy as a horse people on the outside who still, have not healed from past traumas. And what happens is, these people do not retreat and take time to heal, instead there are out in the open, busy being leaders, parents, spouses, presidents, CEOs, celebrities who are messed up in the mind and are looking for healing in the wrong places.

I watched a grown man whose past I was aware of try to heal the wounded boy in him by telling people all the success that was happening in his life. To most people it came off as if he was showing off and yet it was not the case. It was sad to watch, because what he was trying to heal could not be cured by an opportunity of trying to prove to people that he had made it in life despite his past. His words and actions said it all, something was wrong.

When we do not heal from the past , the past will always haunt us. We will hurt ourselves and hurt those around us. Having money, getting married, getting a promotion, bringing a child into the world, getting a job, starting a business will not heal you, it can only cushion you for some time. Its like a bandage which will soon come off and reveal the deep fresh wound. There are times when I found myself wanting something so bad and through self-reflection I realize that its not the thing that I really want, its healing that I need and I am hoping this thing can heal me.

Admitting that something in you is still broken and needs healing is the first step of healing. We need to heal first otherwise we think we are fine when in actual fact we are at the peak of our vulnerability. Whether you go for a retreat, take sometime off, go off grid, get a therapist, join a community, always remember BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, HEAL.

Hoping I have been a good voice of reason ❤️

It Is Not Just A Sunday Thing 📌

This post is about to make you feel bad about yourself 😬

I learnt something lately that made me feel so guilty and I thought well I cannot feel bad by myself I got to tell someone and make them feel bad too cause guess what? There is comfort in numbers. LOL!

If the title was not self-explanatory allow me to expound. Church is not a Sunday thing, you do not church on Sunday you church every day, spoken like a GenZ! What I mean is you build up; your faith, your gift that you use in church every single day. You do not wait to be prayed up on Sunday or to serve well on Sunday and say they will do theyga. Nope it does not work like that.

Let me give you an example that relate so well to me. I serve in the choir at my church, if I want to sing well on a Sunday, one rehearsal on Saturday with others is not sufficient instead throughout the week I should be rehearsing by myself, learning my part and the dynamics in the songs that will be sung. Secondly and most importantly if I desire that my singing not only blesses someone but gives God all the glory then during the week I should be having my personal praise and worship experience. Someone once said that what you do in church is a display of what you were doing throughout the week.

Christians including myself tend to relax too much concerning this but we are the first ones to complain saying “church was boring”, “why is God not answering me” “the singing was off today” and so on. Yet it is all on us, to do the work we are supposed to do, be responsible, disciplined and consistent. Bible reading, praying, giving, hospitality, fellowship IS NOT JUST A SUNDAY THING!

I felt convicted and I hope you do and are willing to do better. Now that you know better do better!

Hoping I have been a voice of good reason❤️

Stop Doubting Yourself

It is said that our number enemy is ourselves. Whatsoever we think, say or do can either result in self-sabotage or self-improvement. For a change “just do it” like Nike and see what happens.

Doubt robs you of discovering what you are capable of. You will never know what you can be become when you settle at Doubt Avenue. Start today with the small things you doubt about yourself and try it out. Have the *just out of curiosity* mindset and see how it goes. I promise you, you will be shocked in a good way.

You are welcome 😀
Hoping I have been a voice of reason ❤️

Make Peace With It

One of the best things in life is seeing yourself mature. Maturity calls for one to always make conscious choices on how to respond to different life situations. Apostle Paul in (2 Corinthians 13:11) says; when I was child I talked like a child, I thought like a child and I reasoned like a child. However when I became a man I put the ways of childhood behind me. Isn’t it beautiful to observe yourself becoming a better version of yourself every single day!

Earlier this month so many issues bothered me that literally were beyond my control. As I replayed them over and over again in my head hoping I could fix them or get another chance I knew it was too late and it was time to move on. One amazing and powerful statement that came to mind was, “Make Peace With It, Rudo.” As we all know the mind is a battlefield, the old mindset was like hold on a minute, you want to what? With what peace!!?? It was a battlefield and shots were being fired. The childlike reasoning kept saying, nah boo boo, throw them grenades, no matter the cost. Whilst the mature steady mind said, the cost can be costing, let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing,(James 1:3,4) 

Though it was not easy, I listened to the steady voice and listed down all things I was making peace with. Please know that choosing peace does not mean defeated/quitting/failed instead it means you have become resolved or reconciled with somethings or someone(s). Whether God gives you another chance or not, you are still going to be alright if you choose peace! I challenge you to pick your journal and write everything you want to make peace with. Peace is liberty in tranquility.

Today I make peace with …..

Hoping I have been a voice of reason❤️🤍

I Can Relate

To the one who feels stuck in life…. I CAN RELATE,
To the one who is waiting for that one opportunity that they know will change their life… I CAN RELATE,
To the one who can’t breathe… I CAN RELATE,
To the one who feels lonely… I CAN RELATE,
To the one who needs a break… I CAN RELATE,
To the one who is seeking love…I CAN RELATE,
To the one who is desiring a change of scenarios… I CAN RELATE.

Rapport Is Everything!!

I really hope that one -day, I will give a TedTalk on this topic because maan the ideas that are popping in my heard right now are crazy! Maybe for you it is something you already knew but for me it feels like I just discovered a gold mine!

Listen, I had this idea drop in my head after I randomly watched an interview of two Hollywood actors promoting their movie. In that moment I did not know what movie there were promoting but what I was certain about was I was going to watch that movie. My reason was not because of the movie storyline nor was it the genre nor was it how star-studded it was but simply the beautiful rapport between these two actors whose interview was all about them reacting to different types of snacks. I found myself smiling as I watched I could genuinely feel the bond between them and that they were enjoying each other’s company and loving every second of it. There is something about rapport that draws you to people that nothing else can.

One thing about us human beings is we yearn for good relations no one wants to live in isolation; we crave for a sense of belonging with some we can relate too effortless. And that is what rapport is all about, it may look irrelevant and small but I would like to believe it is a significant contributor to the success of anything. Another thing about rapport is you can never fake it no matter how good of an actor you are because it happens naturally. It explains why you can have an instant genuine connection with someone you have just met but still not have that same rapport with someone you see or spend most of your time with.

I saw a comment on one of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson interviews promoting their new movie, DC SUPERPETS recently and it read, “I love the relationship between these two and I will watch anything the two of them are in.” We do not know whether they are a super fan of Kevin and Dwayne but at this juncture we just know they will watch anything cause of the rapport Kevin and Dwayne have and if you observe them in any of the movies there are in together you can easily pick on that rapport.

I am still to read on books on business especially, that put emphasis on rapport. Yes hard work, talent, skill, luck, good opportunity are among the many factors that lead to good success but rapport plays an important role. People are willing to show up and give their all to places where genuine connection is part of the package.

Sorry to give another movie related example but I think the reason why Fast & Furious is among one of the biggest franchise that is still on-going in the entertainment industry is because of that relational rapport among the cast member. For them it is no longer just showing up to work but they look forward to meeting their fellow colleagues because they have become one big family. And can I just say some of the F&F storylines where meh😬 but I still watched because; family is everything, (see what I did there!)

I will explain more on this concept on my TedTalk presentation, watch the space!
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section.

ps: the movie I was referring to at the beginning is bullet train it came out out on the 05.08.2022 its on my watchlist!

You become who you follow, the power of association.

One thing I am learning to never take for granted is the power of association. Whether the following is by close proximity or not it will impact you whether you like it or not. It will start by small innocent habits you will subconsciously pick from them to major things.

Have you not heard of people that destroyed their families because they followed whatever their mentors did believeing it would work out the same for them. Or those people who went to the extremes of getting plastic surgery just because Kim Kardashian had one but it do not end well for them.

We need to be intentional with who we follow, we need to be intentional to avoid becoming them even if its good. Learn from them but let the final choice on anything be yours and yours alone. When another human being influences your life choices then my dear friend you’re are lowkey a slave.

Evaluate your relations, evaluate who you follow on social media and and see if there are any traits of them you have adopted. And answer this question, “Are they good for you?”

Hoping I have been a voice of good reason❤️

Is This How You Want To Be Remembered?

There is this ZimTitoker who cracks me up by the name Souru-Munya. Amongst other comedic stuff he does he has a segment where he reacts to some of the weirdest and funniest tiktok videos people make on the platform. After every reaction he always says the tagline “is this how you want to be remembered.” At first its funny but when you take a moment to actually meditate on that statement you will get the message in it.

On tiktok people are doing all soughts of things just to get clout or go viral and for most of them it is at the expense of their character. People are outchea going to some crazy extremes whilst murdering their reputation in the long run.

We forget every action whether good or bad wil have an impact on our lives. We forget that we have people that look up to us, that are learning somethings or unlearning somethings by looking at our lives. Is what you are doing now, what you want them to remember you with.

Just like how MySpace became a thing of the past so can Tiktok but what you did will not be forgotten! “Is this how I want to be remembered” should be a question we ask ourselves especially (content creators) before we do anything whether it is in public or in private. Like the shona proverb say, “akuruma nzeve ndewako (the one that advises you is on your side). Think Before You Act!

Hoping I have been a voice of good useful reasoning. ❤️

Be A Bucket Of Encouragement

A week ago, I read a devotional that blessed me so much. It talked about how the widow of Zarapheth in (1Kings 17) chose to share the only food she and her son were left with, with the Prophet Elijah. What she did not know was that as she gave the little encouragement she had to the Prophet, God filled her up with so much more.

We are all going through challenges in life and sometimes we just do not have the energy or strength to support another being that is in a dire situation than us. We feel like we are running out and the moment we share the little that we have, that will be the end of us. However,  I learnt that there is something called the bucket principle which simply means; we all have been given a bucket of encouragement that we are to pour on those around us. So as we dip out of our buckets and pour onto others, God miraculously fills it back up!

Do not place a lid on your bucket of encouragement by saying you do not have enough to give someone else. Know that whenever you give from your emotional/ financial/relational emptiness God will always fill you up.

Remember any good deed no matter how small always makes a difference, challenge yourself every day to be a bucket of encouragement.

Be a bucket of encouragement! I am a bucket of encouragement!