Daily Prompt #6

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

My rugged torn looking white converse shoes.

I have had them for 7 years now. They are literally my to go to shoes everytime I am leaving the house. As long as whatever I am wearing fits well with the shoes, it’s game on. I can safely say they are my favorite shoes. It is going to be hard replacing them.

“I try to keep them white” 😅


K-dramas, New Obsession Unlocked 😅

I am here to admit that I have become a k-drama fanatic. I never understood K-pop fans and all the fuss about BTS but now I do. Even though I haven’t yet warmed up to K-pop, K-dramas have completely won me over.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every drama I have watched. The storylines are quiet intresting whether it’s crime, thriller, horror, romcoms, sci-fi and social dramas, I won’t lie these K-dramas are slow moving me away from Hollywood entertainment.

Though one episode is as long as a movie 🥵 I have learnt to endure 😂😂. Not forgetting the eye-candies😍. Them South Korean man did not come to play. Seoul is now on my  “to visit list”. I will just be there people watching 😅.

The best way to enjoy K-dramas is with subtitles rather than having the English audio. Also it’s a good way to learn Korean language.  Thanks to K-dramas I can now say annyeong haseyo (hi/hello), gamsahabnida (thank you) & salanghaeyo (I love you) and many more phrases. 🤗

Here are some k-dramas I highly recommend you to watch if you are planning on venturing into Korean Tv:

  • Queen maker (2023)
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2023)
  • Alchemy of Souls (2023)
  • Dr Cha (2023)
  • Divorce Attorney Shin (2023)
  • Love To Gate You (2023)
  • Stranger (2020)
  • All Of Us Dead (2022)
  • Remarriage & Desires (2022)
  • Juvenile Justice (2022)
  • The World of The Marriage (2020)
  • Squid Games (2021)
  • Partners In Justice (2019)

Silence the Discourager!

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to bring to your attention a certain breed of people living among us. Whose mandate is preaching heresy based on their failures. Just because they failed at something, they believe no one else will ever be able to do it.

Oh how they have taken advantage of the freedom of speech right to destroy other people’s lives. They are everywhere maybe they are your favorite podcaster or worse a loved one. The breed don’t discriminate!

You have got to discern and dissect wisely the gospel of discouragement preached unto you. The goal of a Discourager is to stop you from pursuing something good and right that they would have failed at.

  • They will discourage you to get married because they failed in theirs,
  • They will discourage to pursue your dreams because they failed to achieve theirs,
  • They will discourage to go to school because they failed in school,
  • They will discourage you to build a house because they failed to build their own,
  • They will discourage you to start a business because they failed in theirs,
  • They will discourage you to live an upright life because they failed to do so,
  • They will discourage you to send your kids to the best schools because they failed to do so to their own kids…

Its not even hard to single out a Discourager because he/she speaks the language of; don’t try it, it won’t work, zvine basa rei, siyana nazvo…Whenever you hear those statements, SILENCE them with a bombastic side-eye and walk away. In times where you are feeling gracious ask them WHY and hear them stutter.

Hoping I have been a voice of wisdom❤️

Believing Is Hard!

There is an invisible force called BELIEVING that drives us in everything we do. Believing is to accept that something is true especially without proof. This is the force that makes every Christian including myself show up to church every Sunday because we believe there is a God in heaven and all around us. Even though we cannot see him, he sees us. We can talk to him in prayer and he hears us and he answers us.

However I tell you it is not always easy to believe. There are days were you wake up and your belief is literally on 1% because of so much pain, disappointment and hurt. A lot of people have walked off from their faith because they let their belief run out and if I am being honest I totally understand them.

There is a certain attack that targets at your belief the moment you choose or desire to grow more in your faith journey. Think of it like this, the more you want to study, the more you feel sleepy, a`int that a something! Same with believing, there will always be some other force trying hard to destroy it.

What then makes believing hard is that it has no alternative. You either believe or you don’t. And when your choice is the former then you have got to keep believing with every ounce of strength you have got. Fight and contend for your belief, don`t let it run out. You have got to keep recharging it.

I read a statement that said; The journey of belief actually begins with the confession of unbelief. The moment you let God know that your belief is little to see a way past the huge mountain before you. Then you my friend have rightly positioned yourself for a belief recharge. God is kind and faithful to help you believe in Him.

Yes, believeing may be hard sometimes but with God all things are possible!

Be Encouraged❤️

What`s Your Foundation Like?

I am not a make-up person and the few times I have had a face-beat, the MUA always put emphasis on the foundation so that whatever detail that will be added to the look will “sit well”. Architects have to make exact calculations of how deep the foundation of a building needs to be, because they know that any error made the building will not stand for long.

I have said all this to drive this specific point home, just maybe all these problems you are facing now, 1/5/10 years later in your career, marriage, friendships, finances has got all to do with how it started, a.k.a the foundation. What were those things founded on? Did you dig a deep enough required foundation for them? Did you overlook a minor miscalculation in your foundation that has resulted in a huge crack or worse a collapse?

I had never looked into detail how important the foundation of something is, because the focus has always been on finishing well no matter how you start. When in actual fact, everything matters even the beginning of a thing. For instant, your diligence and intentionality as you how you are going to start your family can and will save you in the future. Otherwise the “they do thega” mentality will cost you. Cause when that collapse happens it will be ugly, there will be a lot of damage and  it will take a lot of  work to rebuild.

Strive for firm foundation in everything. Firm Foundations just like for buildings are characterized by; Permanence, Stability, Cohésion, Depth and Consistency. Let your goal be “Firm Foundations” first cause “Firm Foundations” last!

Firm Foundation in my career!

Firm Foundation in my business!

Firm foundation in my friendships!

Firm foundation in my marriage!

Firm foundation in my dreams & goals!

Hoping I have been a voice of wisdom❤️

Who Is Your Accountability Partner?

Do you have people in your life that can be the conviction of the Holy Spirit to you in human form? Remember the conviction of the Holy Spirit is to teach, rebuke, correct and train you in upright living. Do you have an accountability partner(s) in your life?

Sometimes we can easily ignore the soft voice of conviction of the Holy Spirit, that it is so needful for your mum/dad/sister/husband/wife/bestfiriednd/business partner to hold you accountable for your actions without being judgemental about it.

An accountability partner can be anyone who is trustworthy and wiling to call you out when you are wrong, and you not get offended because you know it’s coming from a good place. There are there to hold you accountable especially in your weaknesses.

A man who has no accountability partner(s) can easily be identified by how they live their lives. Because they haven’t got a voice of reason in their circle they live anyhow or recklessly. That is why you will hear people say “wasn’t there anyone in his/her life to talk him/her out of this.”

Side Note: Don’t trust people without accountability partners because there are likely to be prideful/narcissistic/arrogant.

I have found APs to be important in this journey of adulting. You cannot know everything or do everything right. So, on days when you don’t have what it takes there are there to help. Ask God to help you choose wisely APs.

Hoping I have been a voice of wisdom ❤️