My 2019 Book Reviews: Part 1

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


It is no secret that I am a book nerd. I have gone beyond reading books as a hobby or to while up time. I read books intentionally and with a purpose, cause I want to learn grow and become a better human being. Just as Dr Seuss quote says, I want to expose myself in situations I have never been in, places I have never be to through the eyes of of the writer. There is a quote that says, ‘Travelling is an antidote for ignorance‘, and I think the same goes for Reading

The past 4 months of 2019, I read in total 12 books (no-one is counting😂). However I do not have a specific number of books I want to read before the year ends. I find it as unnecessary pressure to do these 50 books reading challenge. Because at the end of the day you will read more books but have little understanding cause you were all about reaching the target number. My challenge instead and I have said this before in one of my articles, is to invest more in buying hard copies than eBooks. I need to build my library. 

Back to the actual purpose of this article. To be honest all the 12 books that I read were amazing, but out of the 12 only 6 hit the jackpot for me. So I am going to do a review on them and I hope this will encourage you to read them. Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement, but I am open for business😀!

  • The Subtle Art  of Not Giving A F*ck  by Mark Manson – Mr Manson, has his own unique way of viewing life which is profound. He brings you back to the reality of life even if its painful to hear. The wisdom nuggets he shares are definitely a counter-intuitive approach to living a good life. real-talk! 
  • Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon – This book challenges your creative and artistic side! Everyone has the ability to create, I explained this in detail in my previous article(you better go read it). The author, Austin shows us how to be creative in a world that looks as if everything has already been done. inspiring!
  • What To Do Before You Get Married By Tinashe Zinyemba  – In a world where you are constantly asked when are you going to get married? (all my single people stand up😂!). This is the book that you need close by, before you succumb to the pressure of rushing into marriage. Bible-anchored, this book brings to light the important issues that the society never tells us that we need to address in our single-hood. insightful!
  • The Kings That Didn`t Need This Queen -It’s not everyday that you hear people spill out their real life experiences for the whole world to know. And Nobuhle’s  book is one of the few raw gems that has opened up to tell it like it is. The true challenges people endure in relationships but never have the guts to talk about and get help. This book will make you laugh, cry, smile, get mad and last but not least leave you with important life lessons to learn from. worth-reading!
  • Beautiful by Cindy Martinusen –  This is a teen fiction book but carries important life lessons that even a 100 years old man can learn from. It has a “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” story-line. But that`s not what caught my attention, it is its subtle message about GRATITUDE. Before lemons are thrown at you, are thankful for life as a whole including things that you might consider insignificant . Because the next moment you might not have them and that is only when you will realize their importance. In other words do NOT wait to know the value of something before you can appreciate it or be grateful for it.  beautiful!
  • The Man God Has For You by Stephan Labossiere  –  This is the first book I read at the beginning of the year. When I was stuck on the question God where is man😂?However the book did not answer my question, it didn`t even tell me what I wanted to hear. But it taught me what needed to be prioritized and not. This book will help you you get your principles right and encourage you to seek the face of God first so that he can show you the man he has for you. enlightening!

I hope this review was worth it. Let me know in the comment box😊



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  2. Mitchelle Muchuchuti · May 6

    I wish I could put time aside to read novels 😭

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    • victoriousnikki · May 7

      lol Mitchelle, it`s easy lol. It just requires discipline. Thanks for reading❤


  3. heyanci · May 7

    Girl, I am coming for that Tinashe book. Thank you for this post

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